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Glas in Schweden 1915-1960
published by Ulrich Gronert & Helmut Ricke, on the occassion of the large exhibition in Düsseldorf, Zürich and Stockholm in 1986/87
München: Prestel-Verlag, 1986; 312 pages with 480 (88 colour) illustrations;
Standard work on Swedish glass of the first half of the 20th century (Orrefors, Kosta, Boda, Eda, Strömbergshyttan, Reijmyre, Skruf, Gullaskruf, Elme), with large scientific appendix.
$175 / £105
30 Jahre Ulrich Gronert Kunsthandel - Europäisches Kunsthandwerk aus drei Jahrhunderten
Ulrich Gronert und Tim D. Gronert Berlin: Eigendruck, 1998 112 pages with 60 coloured illustrations 23 x 23 cm hardcover, binding Special edition celebrating the shop`s 30th anniversiry with a large selection of objects for sale (European decorative arts from three centuries), e. g.: KPM Berlin & Meissen-Porcelain from Royal provenance, Art Nouveau salon by Eugène Gaillard (World Exhibition 1900 Paris), Silver and Glass of the 18th - 20th century, and much more
$30 / £17
Ulrich Gronert Exhibition catalogue Berlin: Eigenverlag, 1998 111 pages with 52 coloured illustrations 23 x 23 cm hardcover, binding. First publication on the Polish Fictionalist Mariusz Zdybal; presented are 51 oil-paintings of the artist whose work has received several prizes in his home country and France; paintings of Zdybal are in private collections in Berlin, New York und Rio de Janeiro. Mariusz Zdybal`s work is represented exclusively by Ulrich Gronert Kunsthandel!
$35 / £20
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