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Ulrich Gronert Kunsthandel
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10629 Berlin


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Welcome to Ulrich Gronert Kunsthandel!

On our site you can find an exquisit selection of European decorative arts of the last 300 years we are offering for sale.

Traditionally we are specialized in KPM Berlin porcelain in all its splendour ranging from the founding year 1763 to the 1960s.

In addition to KPM Berlin porcelain you can also find examples of other great European manufactories, such as Meissen, Sèvres, Vienna or St. Petersburg.

We are also offering selected objects of silver and glass, fine furniture, paintings and sculpture with a strong emphasis on Berlin and Prussian provenance.

Please go to "Catalogue" or "Special offers" to find pictures and descriptions of our selected works of art.

Do you have any more questions? Would you like to learn more about our objects? Would you like to have your piece valued or would you like to have it sold?

Contact us at art@gronert.com.

Best regards, Ulrich Gronert

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